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Villa Begoña


San Sebastián 2017

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Use: Residence.

Location: Infanta Cristina street 11. San Sebastián.

Surface area: 933 m2.

Developer: Private.

Renovation of a building of great heritage value located in the vicinity of the “Ondarreta villas area”, designed by Eduardo Lagarde and Luis Martínez Ubago in 1928 and protected in its entirety exterior.

The project proposes a principal dwelling that occupies the ground and first floors, and two additional apartments, for the sons, on the second floor and in the attic, using the semi-basement floor for auxiliary uses and for a "txoko" (gastronomical space). To guarantee universal accessibility, in addition to the inclusion of an interior lift, the level of the perimeter garden on the north side was lowered in order to include an external access ramp.

In the treatment of the interior of the main house and the common elements, an attempt was made to respect the original spirit of the building, using wooden wall coverings, in the form of updated traditional panelling, reusing the existing ironwork and the original stained-glass windows.

The façades and roofs were carefully restored, guaranteeing compliance with urban regulations, energy efficiency and sealing requirements.