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San Sebastián 2005

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Use: Hotel.

Location: Sagües esplanade.

Surface area: 28.000 m2

Urbanitation area: 22.000 m2

Developer: San Sebastian City Hall.

Preliminary studies for a design competition intended to provide an architectural and urban planning solution for the unfinished final part of the city at the outermost eastern end of the seafront promenade (the Sagüés esplanade).

At the end of the esplanade, at Mount Ulia’s foot place, the proposal was to construct a unique building, an urban lighthouse in the form of a vertical prism, with a robust and simple design, with the aim that its situation and dimensions would be in perfect harmony with the surrounding area and the city itself, engaging in open dialogue with the landscape and speaking the same architectural language as the existing buildings on San Sebastian's seafront.

A lattice mesh, in the style of a "woven fabric", was wrapped around the building, as though it were a dress, protecting its glass skin and establishing a boundary for the dialogue between "inside" and "outside".