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Community Center

Reinosa 2013

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Use: Cultural.

Location: Reinosa (Cantabria).

Surface area: 1.500 m2

Developer: Reinosa City Hall.

Proposal submitted to a design competition, carried out in collaboration with Iñigo Peñalba Arribas and Aritz Díez Oronoz.

A mesh of triangles "stitches" the old foundations of the existing market to the new structure. This triangular organisation proposes a fractal distribution of the space that leads to the floor of the building and also to its covering, thus generating the symbol of the proposal: the roof.

It is a layered architectural solution, whose final objective is an organisation and a multi-scale operation on three levels – the use of the existing foundation as the root and starting point, the functionality of the building and its scale, and its presence in the landscape and urban environment – in which the proposed roof crowning the volume has 33 skylights that give the ensemble a very personal, powerful and emphatic image.