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Changing rooms

San Sebastián 2003

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Use: Changing rooms.

Location: Ondarreta beach. San Sebastián.

Surface area: 560 m2.

Developer: San Sebastián City Hall.

The intervention, resulting from the first prize in a contest of ideas, was to reform the old "cabins" of the beach of Ondarreta,, in Donostia-San Sebastián. The development proposal included a provision of public changing rooms, toilets, and other complementary facilities linked to the use of the beach. The exterior had to have something work done, in order to resolve the access problems to the building, which is located below ground level. The only protruding element is the glazed cabin which contains the lift.

A proposal was made to generate guidelines regarding the employment of materials that would extend across the entire beach-front. Glass railings were designed with a high handrail made from cast aluminium, and the proposal considered substituting the traditional stone material on the promenade, for grey granite that was also used as paving in the areas attached to the gardens.