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Noventa grados

Commercial premises

San Sebastián 2005

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Use: Commercial.

Location: Mayor street 3. San Sebastián.

Surface area: 350 m2.

Developer: Marcial Muñoz.

Fitting out of a multidisciplinary space for artistic experimentation located in commercial premises, on the ground floor of a building in the Old Part of San Sebastian, designed in collaboration with Javier Machinbarrena.

In an attempt to create more space between the two existing floors -the ground floor and the basement- and the exterior of the building, the decision was taken to alter the position and size of the connecting stairs. A new space was created in an area of the ground floor, in the corner where the building connects Mayor and Bilintx streets -step- staircase, shop window-stage- with the aim of creating a greater presence from the outside and a more rounded interior staircase.