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Miramón A21

Office building

San Sebastián 2015

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Use: Offices.

Location: Technology Park of Miramón.

San Sebastián.

Surface area: 8.300 m2

Developer: Science and Technology Park of Miramón.

Proposal submitted to a design competition for an office building in the “Miramón technology park”, carried out in collaboration with Iñigo Peñalba and Aritz Díez Oronoz.

The search for a solution that would allow optimal use of the resulting surfaces and high spatial and architectural quality led us to present a proposal arranging the distribution of the building's uses around a covered patio that ordered and combined the different activities – production, interaction and rest – and contained the general circulation routes – corridors, stairs and a lift – visually and spatially intercommunicating all the floors of the building.

The patio thus became the generating idea, the fulcrum point on which the project proposal pivoted.

The exterior appearance involved a rounded prism, without corners, adapted to the shape of the plot and neighbouring buildings, through an abstract envelope – a curtain wall – with a uniform rhythm and modulation, with the emphasis on the vertical.

The resulting volume rested on a concrete plinth, with the skin of glass that defined its façades "floating" above it, giving the ensemble a great formal lightness.