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Lonja Pasaia

Fishing marquet

Pasaia 2011

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Use: Fishing marquet.

(Fishing marquet, services building and urbanization).

Location: Esnabide street. Pasaia.

Surface area: 24.600 m2

Urbanitation area: 21.420 m2

Developer: Pasaia Port Authority.

Project carried out after winning first prize in a design competition.

The design involved a public use space − an urban park − on the roof of the new building, proposing a new pedestrian path elevated over the sea, as a continuation of the existing seafront promenade, which is currently interrupted by the existing fish market building, placing the idea of this extension of the promenade at the core of the project.

The aim here was to restore the beauty that has been lost, striving for the greatest possible urban integration of the new building, generating a new architectural-urban equilibrium for this particular part of Pasaia.

Landscaper Paola Sangalli collaborated in the design of the park.

The management of the construction of the building was assigned to another technical team. Its execution didn’t work as well as we thought. The creation of the park on the roof has still not been carried out.