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Lonja Ondarroa

Fishing marquet

Ondarroa 2011

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Use: Industrial.

Location: Ondarroa (Bizkaia).

Surface area: 24.000 m2

Developer: Department of Environment,Planning,

Agriculture and Fisheries of the Basque Government.

Proposal for a design competition. Bearing in mind the uniqueness of the site and the wide variety of uses, it was argued that some of the urban parameters set out in the Special Plan for the development of the Intervention Area could be interpreted in a flexible way, with the aim that the solution would address the existing problems of integration and scale.

An attempt was made to maximise the urban integration of the building, partially burying it so that the loading and unloading tasks of the fish market could be carried out “under cover”. A public pedestrian promenade on its roof, which provided a connection to the Plaza de Itsasaurre, added new public uses for the building that were compatible with the fishing activity, reinforcing the idea of "domesticating" the scale of the complex.

A rigid and ungenerous interpretation of the regulations in force initially left ten of the sixteen participating teams out of the competition, and in the end these were permanently excluded, due to a formal error, such that a new call for proposals had to be announced. A sad state of affairs.