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Cultural centre

San Sebastián 2019

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Uso: Cultural centre.

Ubicacion: Urdaneta street 9. San Sebastián.

Superficie: 7.500 m2

Promotor: Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.

The project, carried out in collaboration with “BAB Arquitectos” after receiving the first prize in a design competition, proposes the comprehensive renovation of the existing building while maintaining its exterior envelope, since it is a building protected by the San Sebastian PGOU (land-use plan) as Grade C, within the monumental complex of the “Plaza del Buen Pastor”, remodelling the entire interior to adapt it to new functional needs and new regulatory requirements related to accessibility, energy efficiency, safety, etc.

The designed solution proposes the retrieval of the original typology of the building, built in 1900 by Ramón Cortázar and Luis Elizalde, recovering the open courtyards, the clarity and simplicity in the circulation paths and the idea of ​​a single main staircase, moving this from its original central position to incorporate the lifts and adapting it to the new regulatory requirements and the specifications of the tender.

The creation of the "Great Reading Room" on the first floor, regarded as the most significant use of the building, is the most important concept in the interior intervention.

The improvements made in relation to energy efficiency ensure that the proposed building can be regarded as an almost zero energy consumption building (nZEB), obtaining a double energy rating of type "A", both for non-renewable primary energy consumption and for carbon dioxide emissions, making the project an example of environmental sustainability.