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Child education building

Zaldivar 2012

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Use: Child education.

Location: Zaldivar (Bizkaia).

Surface area: 610 m2

Developer: Zaldivar City Hall.

The proposal, submitted to a design competition and carried out in collaboration with Borja Llop, is based on the idea of "playing with toy houses". A larger house, which solves the construction problems of enclosure and climatic comfort, surrounds and protects other smaller houses, whose interior layout corresponds to the specification of the programme of uses.

They are two distinct parts that make it possible to build them in the two phases proposed in the competition, with a patio – like a ball joint – between them. The volumetrically essential cross-section is based on a child's drawing of a house, where no components are either missing or superfluous.

The outer skin of ceramic bars fitted in horizontal strips, superimposed on the building exteriors, allowed solar control and the entry of filtered light into the interior. The use of primary colours – red, yellow, green and blue – reinforced and emphasised the fact that the building is to be used by children.