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Office building

San Sebastián 2008

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Use: Offices.

Location: Igenta street. San Sebastián.

Surface area: 4.500 m2

Developer: San Sebastian City Hall.

Proposal for a design competition organised by the San Sebastian City Council seeking ideas for the renovation of the “Goikoa Palace”, built in the late 19th century by José de Goicoa, and its conversion into municipal offices.

The building occupies a significant position in the urban area of San Sebastian, on the edge of the Old Town, next to the current town hall building and the “Club Náutico”, a jewel of Spanish rationalism architecture, built in 1929 by Aizpurua and Labayen.

The proposal involved a "volumetrically contained" solution with a new roof, based on the traditional mansard roof solution. The approach idea recognised the importance of the palace and aimed to minimise the effects that the alterations would have on the building and its surroundings.

The resulting silhouette is a continuous, curved surface, reminiscent of a shell, which aims to establish a dialogue with the waves of the bay and the distant outline of the “Peñas de Aia” mountains.