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El Alto

8 residences

San Sebastián 2005

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Use: Residence.

Location: Alcalde José Elósegi avenue 211-213. San Sebastián.

Surface area: 2.400 m2.

Developer: Chillida Belzunce family.

A row of 8 residences, in groups of two, in the Ulia mountainside in Donostia-San Sebastian.

The architectural typology adapted to fit the characteristics of the site. Generous in size and space, each residence reflects the development proposals through four levels -middle floors- connected to the central space which contains the nucleus of stairs and which becomes the backbone of the building.

The project which has been constructed takes inspiration from two maestros of Spanish Architecture of the 20th century, Fco. Javier Saenz de Oiza (the white city project in Alcudia) and Alejandro de la Sota (residences project in Santander).