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Donostia turismoa

Centro atracción y turismo

San Sebastián 2005

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Use: Tourist information.

Location: Bretxa square. San Sebastián.

Surface area: 1.300 m2

Developer: Donostia turismoa.

The project (not executed), winner of the first prize in a design competition, involved renovating the so-called “Cánovas Space”, the centrepiece between the buildings that make up the old “La Bretxa” market, after its unfortunate transformation into a shopping centre, in order to convert it into the central “Donostia tourist offices”.

The idea involved a separate, glazed cubic prism, with two floors, and the objective was that it would be viewed and understood as being disconnected from the shopping centre, thus creating a new urban centrepiece that would be smaller in size, but more refined in style. The result, free from the stylistic and structural constraints of the classical language of the existing buildings in the area, would be able to work at night as a light box.