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Benta Berri

Sports centre

San Sebastian 1999

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Use: Sports centre.

Location: Bertsolari Xalbador street 2. San Sebastián.

Surface area: 3.600 m2.

Developer: San Sebastián City Hall.

Sports facility located in Antiguo neighbourhood, in Donostia-San Sebastian, proyected and directed together with the Architects Studio Pablo Borde and Jose María Escobar, which develops the winning idea in a contest of ideas.

The resultant section superimposes the two main uses: the multi-sports court with its changing rooms and gyms above -on the first and second floors- and the swimming pools with their changing rooms below -on the ground floor and the basement-. The defining feature of the building is the inclusion of the large, sloping shed roof, suspended from which is a large crystal lantern which naturally illuminates the interior space of the multi-sports court.