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Building comprehensive renovation

San Sebastián 2019

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Use: Offices and commercial premises.

Location:  Libertad avenue 5. San Sebastián.

Surface area:  4.800 m2.

Developer: Private.

Proposal for a design competition for the renovation of the central headquarters building of Bankoa‑Crédit Agricole in San Sebastián.

A solution is proposed that aims to make the image of the new building an architectural benchmark in the city. Concepts in tune with the character of the bank have been used in its design, such as strength, elegance, representativeness, modernity, proximity and globality.

The elimination of some existing architectural elements that detract from the contemporary image of the building and the use of new compositional tools give the resulting image a new modernity and greater expressiveness. The grouping and vertical framing of the openings, the incorporation of the fifth floor into the main body of the façade, the use of bas-reliefs and the continuous canopy on the ground floor construct the new image of the building, increasing its scale and importance and giving the result a greater monumentality and representativeness.

The improvement in sustainability and energy efficiency resulting from the proposed constructive solutions for the building envelope, the incorporation of an outdoor glazed terrace that, in the style of a greenhouse, could also function as a bioclimatic architectural element, and the fitting of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof sends a clear message about Bankoa’s commitment to energy saving measures and the fight against climate change.