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Arretxe Ugalde

Services building

Irún 2011

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Use: Industrial.

Location: Lamisingo Iturria street 1.

Arretxe-Ugalde Industrial state. Irún

Surface area: 6.870 m2

Developer: Irungo Industrialdea.

Project carried out after winning the first prize in a design competition for an office building which would be the flagship piece of the “Arretxe-Ugalde” industrial estate.

The mandatory cylindrical form was pre-defined at the beginning of the urban planning process. The inclusion of a circular interior patio, which houses the main communications nucleus, concentric to the exterior façade, made it possible to distribute the office uses evenly, structuring the inside space.

The natural light that enters the building through the skylight that crowns the interior patio and the curtain wall that formalises the exterior enclosure of the façades dominate the spatial definition, visually expanding the resulting space and ensuring that natural lighting bathes the interior of the building at practically all times of day.