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Sports centre

San Sebastián 2013

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Use: Sports centre.

Location: Alza. San Sebastián.

Surface area: 17.000 m2.

Developer: San Sebastián City Hall.

Proposal submitted to a design competition, carried out in collaboration with Iñigo Peñalba Arribas and Aritz Díez Oronoz.

A flexible solution made it possible to adapt to the phased development proposed in the tender specifications, by means of a compact building with the pools located in the first and second basement floors (facilities), differentiated accesses and complementary uses on the ground floor and the multipurpose sports court mounted above these, occupying the first and second floors, using a functional layout already successfully implemented in the former “Benta-Berri” sports centre.

This approach also allowed the freeing up of a large public space, generating a large access plaza that contained a rotating garage for vehicles in its two basements.

The rest of the exterior surface area available in the plot was used for the design of a solarium with outdoor pools and the sports courts specified by the programme of uses.

The proposal for the exterior appearance of the complex, with its imposing volume, involved the use of a simple and refined architectural calligraphy and materials with great durability and requiring low maintenance (precast concrete and glass).